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Remembering Sep 11 2001

It has been 11 years since 9/11 happened.

I still remember that day. It was early in the morning in Korea. I was getting ready for the school. My mom called me to watch TV which was a very odd request from my parents.

I looked at it and there, two planes crashed into the two giant buildings.
That day, everybody in my school talked about the horrible event. I thought about the people who died in the buildings, but mostly about the people who lost their love ones. They probably still have a pain in their heart as strong as they had it that day.

When I was in college I heard what people went through that day in NY for the first time. ( I went to school in NYC)

The students were angry and sad every time the subject was up and I was thinking about the moment  I was watching the burning buildings on the TV.

One day one of my painting teachers asked students to make 10 pieces of art work about monsters.

I was focused on one particular monster. Humans.

We are monsters sometimes in a good way but sometimes in a very bad way.

This is one of the paintings of my monster series I made in the memory of 9/11.

I wish the world peace.


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