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The best drinks for a cold

The best drinks for a cold!
The first best drink for a cold is warm lemon water with honey. It’s good for a cold that comes with a dry throat. I heard that they coat your throat preventing dryness. The second drink is warm brewed ginger and jujube (optional) water with honey. I don’t know if Westerners drink ginger tea but it’s very common in Asia at least in Korea. It’s slightly spicy and very tasty with honey. I’ve been suffering from a cold with a very dry throat. Too much coughing made my voice hilarious. I’ve stopped taking pills because they make me so drowsy even if it’s for the day time. So I’m drinking these delicious teas all day long. Hopefully I’ll recover from this evil cold soon! If you catch a cold, dry throat or just want some pleasant tea time, try these!

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