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Self-portrait from a selfie

Self-portrait from a selfie.
I have a pretty young face for my age (I exaggerated a bit on the drawing though :P I’m frowning because I have a cold :’( )
I don’t see it when I look in a mirror but when I take a selfie, I can see why others are always surprised when they know my age.
In Korea, sometimes strangers ask what my grade is when I’m with my mom. Also 100% id check for purchasing alcohol even though I’m almost a decade older than the legal age for it.
Looking younger is good for girls most times. However, looking like a child is a whole different story.
Many times I’m treated as a kid by strangers such as in a store. They are not serious about me as a potential customer. In Korea which uses the honorific language for elderly, stranger, and store guests, many people don’t use the proper language to me.
Well, even though I have some frustrating moments with my appearance, I’m looking forward to enjoying my younger looking when I’m much older!
What is your complex for your appearance?
I hope everybody is happy with their looks!
Every single person has flaws and they are beautiful!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Self-portrait from a selfie

      1. Oh sorry to make you surprised! I should’ve warn that it is a moving image. Maybe I should make another selfie-portrait with smiling face. Thank you all for liking my drawing. :-D *I haven’t seen Dorian Gray yet but I want to watch it soon!

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