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drawing 08/12/2014

One of my favorite actors Robin Williams.
Rest in peace.




3 thoughts on “drawing 08/12/2014

  1. It’s hard to even look at that drawing. I’m still skeptical of the conditions/terms of his death. Somehow, I knew I’d see some sketches of him here today.

    1. I understand what you mean. It is heartbreaking to loose such a great actor/comedian. I grew up with his movies and now he is gone… Drawing him was the only thing I could do to honor him. Thanks for coming by.

      1. I like when people honor the deceased with art as I do the same. Some results are questionable. But, the thought is in the right place. However, there is something unsettling under the surface of this death. Thus, I cannot draw his picture. Nor could I draw Michael Jackson or Princess Diana. They too give me shivers for some reason.

        Personally, I had a hard time understanding his humor myself at times. And, when being compared to him, I wonder if people have just as hard a time understanding me…or am I just amusing for making silly faces and noises?

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