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Project: 10 Year



Project: 10 Year


Hello everyone.

I’m so excited about sharing my new project with you!

My new project is about my husband and me.  We met 10 years ago, 2007 in Seoul, Korea to learn each other’s culture and language.  We dated for over 7 years, most of the time we were apart, and now we are husband and wife.  Born and raised on opposite sides of the planet and now we are building a family together. It’s still amazing to me. 

I want to share our story with my drawings and paintings.  I hope you have heart-warming moments with them. 

I’ll share pictures of works in progress on my Instagram.  I’ll also share work time-lapses on youtube. (starting on September 28th)  I’ve been vlogging for a while too.  If you want to watch them, please visit and subscribe to my youtube channel.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I hope you enjoy my new project!


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