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Project: 10 Year #01


Project: 10 Year



2007 October

11:23:52p.m.  L:  Did it rain in Seoul today?

11:24:22p.m.  H:  Yes. In the morning.

11:24:29p.m. L:   Ah ok

11:24:37p.m.  L:   It was the same here.

11:24:46p.m.  L:  I didn’t have an umbrella at the time :S

11:25:03p.m.  H:  oh..:S

11:25:32p.m.  L:   I usually walk even if it is raining, but today I ran lol

11:26:09p.m.  H:  lol you did not cold? 

11:26:25p.m.  L:  No, just wet:)

11:26:36p.m.  H:  Good^^ 

11:26:49p.m.  L:  Today was very cold for me. :S

11:28:42p.m.  H:  Ah:S

Our favorite days are rainy days.  When it rains, all the windows are opened in our house.  We make our house dark, and watch scary movies with some drinks.  We often stop the movie, listen to the rain and talk. It takes us a long time to finish a movie. 

Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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