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Project: 10 Year #02


Project: 10 Year



2007 October

10:43:24p.m.  H: I can’t sleep in dark room.:( 

10:43:34p.m.  L:  really? why?

10:47:11p.m.  H:  i remembered a man who in a movie. he was sit on a woman and little boy with strange smile. :(

10:47:32p.m.  L:  lol!

10:47:45p.m.  H: 

10:48:10p.m.  L:  aw, poor Hwan T_T

10:48:17p.m.  H:  T_T

10:48:29p.m.  L:  I love really dark rooms:)

10:48:40p.m.  H:  :'(

10:49:47p.m.  H:  but i can sleep with light. haha and i think i’ll be fine few weeks later. :D 

10:50:07p.m.  L:  :D

When I went over to his place we used to watch a lot of movies.  He has a pretty good collection of scary movies and we watched them all.  Every time I watch a scary movie, I can’t go to sleep.  Over time, I got better and now I almost don’t have a problem.  Watching a scary movie became one of my favorite things to do with him.  We still looking for scary movies to watch all the time. 

Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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