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Project: 10 Year #03


Project: 10 Year



2007 October

8:16:13 p.m.  H:  did you cut your hair? 

8:16:36 p.m.  L:  yes, i cut it yesterday morning

8:16:53 p.m.  H:  ah :D 

8:17:18 p.m.  H:  지금 뭐해? (What are you doing now?)

8:18:56 p.m.  L:  :D I’m still playing a game

8:19:02 p.m.  L:  i think i will stop soon

8:19:15 p.m.  H: :D

8:19:22 p.m.  L:  are you still reading?

8:19:54 p.m.  H: now i’m reading a my English book.

8:21:26 p.m.  L: ah good

Even though we were both in Korea, we only could see each other on weekends.  During week days we talked on MSN (now extinct) any chance we got.  We used to ask each other’s plan for the day.  Knowing how our days were was comforting for us.

Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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