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Project: 10 Year #04


Project: 10 Year





2007 October

9:06:59 p.m.  H:  공부 그만 할래 :D (I will stop studying)

9:09:22 p.m.  L:  you stopped studying

9:09:28 p.m.  H:  yes~! haha

9:09:30 p.m.  L:  :D

9:09:32 p.m.  H: :D

9:21:50 p.m.  H:  when will you go to bed? 

9:22:17 p.m.  L: I think at 12:00

9:22:26 p.m.  H: ok

9:23:13 p.m.  L: are you tired?

9:23:46 p.m. H: yes, but i will also go to bed at 12

When I met my husband, I was studying English for my school.  I used to read an English book out loud when we were on video chat.  He was doing his thing and when I pronounced some words wrong, he corrected for me.  He was the best teacher in the world and still is.



Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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