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Project: 10 Year #04+1


Project: 10 Year



Time was very important to us when we were in Korea.  I had to take a bus for an hour to visit his place.  I usually took the last bust to go back home and I couldn’t miss it.  I made my cell phone telling me the time every hour.  Korean phones had and still have, I believe, a baby voice for it.  I don’t know why but my husband always remembered 5 o’clock which is 다섯시 (da-seot-shi).  Even now, when he sees the time 5 o’clock, he mimics the baby voice from my phone. That always makes me laugh.   By the way, I had a pretty cool cell phone in 2007.  It was really flat, sometimes I couldn’t even find it because it was in my wallet!  I miss using this phone sometimes.


Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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