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Project: 10 Year #05



Project: 10 Year



2007 October

4:54:06 p.m.  L:  How have you been today?

4:54:29 p.m.   H:  good :) i’m just relaxing. 

4:54:35 p.m.   L:  good^^

4:54:39 p.m.   H:  ^^

5:08:08 p.m.   H: last night i had a dream. it appear you. haha but i don’t remember detail.

                             i think we was jsut talking. :D

5:08:37 p.m.   L:  ah thats good lol:D

5:08:52 p.m.   H:  lol :D

5:17:53 p.m.   H:  umm will you off on Halloween ?

5:18:20 p.m.   L:  no:(

5:18:46 p.m.   H:  oh.. ok

5:19:02 p.m.   L: what will you be doing on Halloween?

5:19:30 p.m.   H:  no~ i just wonder . :) 


Halloween is my husband’s favorite day of the year.  He told me that when he was little, he used to read scary stories right before he went to sleep so he could have scary dreams.  The first time I heard it I thought ‘what a weird kid you were!’.  Now, I like to listen to horror stories on the bed with him.  It’s very interesting how people influence each other.  Every October, we try to play scary games and watch scary movies a lot.  Currently, I’m playing a Korean scary game ‘White Day’ and it is SCARY!  What are you all doing on Halloween? Any scary plans?

Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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