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Project: 10 Year




2007 November

7:28:58 p.m.   L님이 005-blu_and_exile-in_remembrance_of_me.mp3 파일을 전송합니다.

7:29:03 p.m.  L:  this is a nice song

7:29:14 p.m.  H: thanks :) 

7:29:26 p.m.  L:  :D

7:29:31 p.m.   L님에게서 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\바탕 화면\005-blu_and_exile-in_remembrance_of_me.mp3 파일을 받았습니다.

7:33:04 p.m.  H:  is ‘blu and exile’ his name? 

7:33:25 p.m.  L:  his name is blu, and the DJ is Exile

7:33:32 p.m.  H:  ah~ ok

7:33:42 p.m.  H:  good song :)

7:33:52 p.m.  L:  :)

7:36:45 p.m.  H:  i really like Hip Hop. :D

7:37:58 p.m.  L: im glad you do^^

7:38:04 p.m.  H:  ^^

7:39:16 p.m.      L님이 008-blu_and_exile-first_things_first_(ft._miguel_jontel).mp3 파일을 전송합니다.

7:39:28 p.m.  H: :D

7:39:40 p.m.  L:  ^^

7:40:16 p.m.      L님에게서 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\바탕 화면\008-blu_and_exile-first_things_first_(ft._miguel_jontel).mp3 파일을 받았습니다.

7:43:08 p.m.      L님이 003-blu_and_exile-so(ul)_amazin_(steel_blazin).mp3 파일을 전송합니다.

7:44:12 p.m.      L님에게서 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\바탕 화면\003-blu_and_exile-so(ul)_amazin_(steel_blazin).mp3 파일을 받았습니다.

7:46:32 p.m.      L님이 007-blu_and_exile-dancing_in_the_rain.mp3 파일을 전송합니다.

7:47:07 p.m.  H:  :) 

7:47:14 p.m.  L:  :)

7:47:26 p.m.      L님에게서 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\바탕 화면\007-blu_and_exile-dancing_in_the_rain.mp3 파일을 받았습니다.

7:48:44 p.m.      L님이 013-blu_and_exile-the_world_is_(below_the_heavens__).mp3 파일을 전송합니다.

7:49:00 p.m.  L:  ok, those are all of my favorites :)

7:49:42 p.m.  H:  thanks a lot :)


Even before we started dating,  we used to send our favorite music to each other.  I’m not very good at music but my husband is a definitely a music person.  He introduced me to so many good songs.  We still play songs to each other when we find good ones.  Sometimes after dinner, we listen to some music and occasionally dance too.


I lost work in progress pictures of this and the next drawing.   Sadly I won’t be able to share the videos with you. You can still watch my vlogs and other timelapse videos on youtube and Vidme I’ll share this project more than twice a week from now on.  I hope everyone enjoys my drawings and stories.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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