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Project: 10 Year #06+1



Project: 10 Year



When I think about his room in Korea,  everything is so orange.  Most of it was from the light he had but even just from the sun,  I remember the room as yellow.  I suspect that I remember it this way from a combination of many aspects such as wall color, the time of year, and so on.  The strongest reason I think I have this orange feeling is the states of my mind at that time.  His place was a getaway from all the stresses I got from daily life and studying.


As I said in the previous post I lost work in progress pictures of this drawing.   Sadly I won’t be able to share the video for this.  You can still watch my vlogs and other timelapse videos on youtube and Vidme I’ll share this project more than twice a week now on.  I hope everyone enjoys my drawings and stories.

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