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Project: 10 Year #07


Project: 10 Year




2007 November

11:21:46 p.m.  H:  i’m back. are you there?

11:54:35 p.m.   L:  i’m here.:)

11:54:45 p.m.   H:  :)

11:55:25 p.m.   H:   when will you go to bed? 

11:55:34 p.m.   L: I’m not sure

11:55:37 p.m.   L: maybe 2

11:55:43 p.m.   H:  ah ok 

11:55:55 p.m.   L: will you go to bed soon?

11:56:12 p.m.   H:  ummm i think 1

11:57:06 p.m.   L: ok^^

11:57:11 p.m.   H:  ^^

11:57:32 p.m.   L: ah, if you want, you can cut my hair this weekend

11:57:50 p.m.   H:   oh~~~~ i want do that!! 

11:58:07 p.m.   L: haha:)

11:58:11 p.m.   H:   :)

I used to visit his place on the weekends.  When we didn’t go out, we just hung out in the room watching movies or playing games.  One thing he had to do was cut his hair to prepare for the coming week.  One time he asked me if I wanted to cut it and I sure did!  I made a weird pattern before shaving everything.  It was so much fun!  I haven’t cut his hair for a long time now.  Maybe I should ask him this weekend.

I found out that I also lost work in progress pictures on this drawing and the next painting.  My camera was acting funny and I wasn’t aware that it wasn’t recording the pictures.  Luckily I took some videos for my vlog.  It isn’t the regular time-lapse video but I hope everyone can enjoy!

More videos on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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