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Project: 10 Year #08


Project: 10 Year



2007 November

12:34:21 a.m.   L:  I wish you were here with me baby :S

12:34:30 a.m.   L:  I get a little sad when you leave :S

12:34:58 a.m.   H:  :S me too. 흑흑

12:35:20 a.m.   L:  haha

12:35:24 a.m.   H:   :D

12:37:48 a.m.   H:  actually , i always tried to don’t make a schedule on every weekend. because it is my relax days with you. :) 

12:39:10 a.m.   L:    that makes me happy :)

12:39:17 a.m.   H:   :)

12:46:43 a.m.   H:  i think i’m going to bed now. :) 

12:47:03 a.m.   L:   ok babe:)

12:47:34 a.m.   L:  so you will arrive here at 11:00?

12:47:40 a.m.   H:    yes^^

12:47:42 a.m.   L:  ok^^

12:48:01 a.m.   H:  have a good night !! 호호 

12:48:09 a.m.   L:  you too!

12:48:20 a.m.   L:  bye:)

12:48:23 a.m.   H:    bye ^^


Since we had limited days and times during our dating years, spending time together on weekends became an unspoken rule for us.  Unless we have other important schedules, we usually hang out together.  Because he is so busy, we barely spend time together during weekdays.  Even though I work from home and have a fairly flexible schedule, I am always looking forward to the coming weekend!  If there is a holiday before or after the weekends, we feel like we hit the jackpot!!

What are you all doing or have done on weekends?  We played scary games for our own extended Halloween! :)

Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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