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Project: 10 Year #09


Project: 10 Year



2007 November

4:42:20 p.m.   L: I have good news…

4:42:27 p.m.   L:   and I have bad news :S

4:42:32 p.m.    H:  aw…

4:42:36 p.m.   L:  What do you want to hear first?

4:42:42 p.m.   H:   bad news haha

4:43:17 p.m.   L:   ok, bad news is I have the phone for my work this week, so I can’t go anywhere this weekend :(

4:43:40 p.m.   H:  aw………………..

4:43:46 p.m.  L:  ok, now the good news…

4:44:11 p.m.  L:   I don’t work Thursday-Sunday, and maybe Monday :)

4:46:17 p.m.  H:    ah… good.:) umm actually i don’t understand clearly. so you have to stay in base whole this week and weekend? 

4:46:55 p.m.  L:   …but I don’t go to work Thursday through Sunday

4:50:43 p.m.  H:   ah you have the phone for emergency work? 

4:50:55 p.m.  L:  right.:)

4:52:33 p.m.  H:   ah~ so… do you want me go there on Thursday or other days? 

4:53:17 p.m.  L:   umm, I need to ask my friend if he will take the phone on Thursday

4:53:36 p.m.  L:  if he does, then we can go somewhere

4:53:57 p.m.  L:  but I still want to see you on all the days :)

4:54:59 p.m.  H:  :D i also want to see you all the days.

4:55:09 p.m.  L:   :D

From time to time he had extra days off.  If he couldn’t leave the base I visited him almost every day during those days.  I brought my English books so I can still study while hanging out with him.  We spent some time separately doing our own stuff.  I liked the fact that we can be together and also be ourselves doing our own thing.  We still do this.  During weekends, if I still have some work to do, I bring all the equipment to the living room so I can sit down next to him and vice versa.  Right this moment, he is enjoying his game time and I’m writing this right next to him. Oh and I always want to hear bad news first!

Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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