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Project: 10 Year #10


Project: 10 Year



9:32:26 p.m.  H:  ah! here is snowing~:D

9:32:42 p.m.  L:  wow! really?

9:32:50 p.m.  H:  yes~ 

9:33:20 p.m.  L:  it’s raining here :)

9:33:59 p.m.  H:  it is like ilttle rain. but it’s snow. i think it will be change the rain soon.:) 

9:34:13 p.m.   L:  ah right

9:34:54 p.m.  H:  i really like snow >< haha i’m so exciting! haha

9:35:49 p.m.  L:  haha snow is nice. I like going outside at night when nobody is there :D

9:35:56 p.m.   L:  it is really quiet

9:36:27 p.m.   H:  oh…. i like that. i want do that. :D 

9:37:07 p.m.   L:  it is cool when it is quiet and you can see the snowfall

9:37:20 p.m.   L:  no wind is the best time ^^

 9:37:25 p.m.  H:  ^^ 

9:39:00 p.m.  H:   i usually just watching the snowing for a while. but i didn’t go outside. i want to do that in this winter. :) 

9:39:31 p.m.  L:  ok, then I want to do that with you.

9:39:45 p.m.  H:  :D

My husband and I love rain and snow.  I feel like a kid again every time it snows.  Our favorite season is winter.  We like to walk around at night and have some hot drinks or eat a bowl of hot soup at a restaurant.  If it snows, it gets better!  Usually, nobody is out when it’s cold and snowing outside.  We can have the entire road to ourselves!  One thing I’m sorry for being here in Tokyo is that there are not many days with snow.  I hope for some more this year!

Work in progress time-lapse on youtube! Also on Vidme.

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