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Project: 10 Year #11


Project: 10 Year



The first New year we celebrated together was 2008.  My mom cooked some rice cake soup, which is the traditional food for the new year in Korea, and Japchae for us.  I brought it to his place on the first weekend.  It was his first time ever eating these foods so I was a bit worried if he would like it or not.  He loved them especially Japchae.  It’s still one of his favorite Korean foods.  Right after we got married, I cooked Japchae often for him.  Japchae is sort of a party food in Korea because it’s fairly complicated to cook.  For me, I got so used to making it, it became my go food when I don’t know what I want to cook.  I haven’t actually cooked it for a while.  I’m going to make it this week.  One funny fact about us is that even though I’m better at using chopsticks, he is the one who uses them in the correct way.


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