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Project: 10 Year



My husband took some Korean classes in Korea.  One time he asked me the difference between some sounds.  I couldn’t explain how to make the sounds different.  Eventually, he figured it out himself listening to me for a while.  It’s very interesting how much native speakers don’t know about their own language.  It’s so deep in the culture, it’s hard to think about the gap between the textbook and the conversation language.   I checked his textbook out and realized that even though everything in the book was correct,  it seems very unnatural.  I think I felt that way because I’ve never learned Korean that way.  I wonder if native English speakers feel similarly looking at a typical English textbook.

He has good ears for sounds and his pronunciation is pretty good.  One time he called me and said ‘Yeoboseyo’, Korean phone call greeting, instead of saying ‘Hello’.  I had a no idea it was him.  He sounded just like a Korean guy!  He is still very proud of himself that he tricked me.

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