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Project: 10 Year #13


Project: 10 Year



My first birthday we celebrated together, I went to his place early in the morning.  He didn’t have to go to work.  We spent all day together except when he had to go take his Korean exam.  It was just another quiet day for us. We’re not big fans of fancy birthday celebrations, but he did some kind of fire show for me.  He collected some gas in his fist from a lighter and lit it.  It looked like he was holding a fireball, and was super cool.  I definitely didn’t need any other entertainer for my birthday.




2 thoughts on “Project: 10 Year #13

  1. I like the modest facial expressions and the reflections of the flame on his glasses – perhaps hinting at his/your excitements. It does sound like it was a warm birthday!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad you feel the warmth of this drawing! It is always pleasant to know how people feel about my work.

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