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Project: 10 Year #16


Project: 10 Year



I remember this day vividly.  It was the day before he left Korea.  For the last time, he wanted to experience something exotic in Korea and he chose to eat live octopus.  We went to a local store and bought one.  I don’t know why we decided to cut it at home.  He didn’t have a proper cooking knife so I had to use a small fruit knife to cut it.  I didn’t know it would be that hard.  It was an interesting experience for both of us and certainly not a pleasant one.  Later that day, we spent most of the time talking, drinking, and laughing together.

One the bus way back home, I couldn’t stop crying but I managed not to at the airport the next day.

I still remember the scene I was looking at from the bus after we said goodbye to each other.

The red sky was chasing it’s color so fast.  The mountains in the distant were fading with the setting sun.  It was like closing the first chapter of our relationship.

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