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Project: 10 Year #16+1


Project: 10 Year



After we failed to have cacti in his room, I decided to bring flowers instead.  At first, he didn’t like the idea that I’m buying him flowers. I didn’t mind since I bought it not only for him but for us.  I still buy flowers occasionally and that is one of the things that makes me happy.

I made the same painting with oil before (see here). I recreated the picture with my own colors and it became part of my memory of the room.  I thought when you have a certain experience and formed a memory of it,  that was the destination.  It’s certainly not true.  I added this color and every time I see the picture or think about it, I add more feelings and meanings.  It keeps growing with me.  Memories fade with time.  Special ones get lucky to stick around longer.  I think his room is one of the lucky ones.  I want to hold it forever. 

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