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Project: 10 Year #17+1


Project: 10 Year



This is his favorite Japanese instant noodles.
He even took a picture of it so he wouldn’t forget. After living in Japan for awhile, I noticed that not all the stores have the same products. In Korea, most of the stores carry pretty much the same things. On top of that, they have their own special goods. In Japan, on the other hand, they collaborate with other companies and you have to go to a certain store to get specific products. (Not with everything though). After he left the military base area, we couldn’t really find the noodles anymore. One day, I was going through old pictures for this project and saw this favorite noodles. I typed it on Amazon Japan and boom! I found it! He was so happy when I presented this to him. God bless the internet!

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    1. I hope you do! I haven’t seen it in stores recently and Amazon stopped selling them too. I’m actually afraid its no longer produced. I hope not though. Fingers crossed. Happy New Year!

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