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Project: 10 Year



As I mentioned with my earlier drawing, we used to send each other favorite music, even before we started dating.  One of the songs I really liked from him was ‘Stop This Train’ by John Mayor.  It became one of “our songs”. 

I couldn’t fully understand the lyrics when I heard it for the first time.  After my English got better, I fell in love with the song once again.  Every time I listen to this song,  my brain rewinds and plays that when I was on the bus to see my husband back in Korea. I’m staring outside trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach.  It still talks to my heart. 

He gave me another album of John Mayor.  I listened to it a lot with my new headphones.  In fact, I was listening to only his songs while I was painting this.  He is such a wonderful musician. 

What songs bring you strong memories?

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    1. I just listened to the song for the first time. I really liked the base of the song. Thank you for introducing me to good music! Happy New Year!

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