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Happy New Year 2018


Happy New Year!!

The year of the chicken is fading and the year of the dog is arriving!
In 2017, so many crazy incidents happened around the world.
Each year seems crazier than the previous.
I don’t remember when I felt satisfaction on new year’s eve.
Even with this somewhat dizzy and unorganized feeling, I always have hopes and dreams of a better year.
I used to make plans for the new year; what I want to accomplish. As I get older, my wish for the new year is only one; become a better person. I think this represents everything.
I’m more excited for 2018, especially because it’s the Dog’s year, my favorite animal!
Also for Koreans, we’ve accomplished a tremendous thing in 2017 which is chasing a chicken away. (Korean inside joke)
I hope we hear more heartwarming news from all over the globe.
I also hope you achieve whatever you wish to accomplish and become a better person.

I wish you all a wonderful and beautiful 2018!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

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