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Project: 10 Year



When I visited him in Japan, we usually went out for food.  His dorm had a shared kitchen but we didn’t use it much.  Sometimes usually a day before I go back to Korea, he cooked for me.  He started with an American breakfast with bacon, scrambled eggs, and some toast.  For dinner, a big steak.  Even though I had this kind of breakfast at hotels before, I’ve never cooked or had it at home.  Most Koreans eat lots of Pork belly but we usually don’t have it as bacon.  Also, Koreans love eggs but don’t eat them as scrambled.  It was his specialty between us to cook.  After we got married and I started to cook most of the time, I took it over from him and started cooking American breakfast.  Over time, we tried different types of scrambled eggs such as  French style, my favorite.  I also found the perfect consistency of egg for my husband.  I don’t cook this type of breakfast often though.  We can’t really find good bacon from our local store in Japan.  I don’t know the process of bacon but from how they look and feel here, I can tell they are heavily processed.  So whenever I cook this type of breakfast, my husband gets really excited.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

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