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Project: 10 Year #19+1


Project: 10 Year



This fuzzy and overly soft rabbit traveled with me everywhere.  I got it from my husband with chocolate in a small heart shaped box on the first Valentine’s Day we celebrated together.  I traveled with it whenever I had to be away from home for awhile.  After my husband left Korea, we had a long distance relationship until we got married.  His absence wasn’t a big problem since we talked to each other almost every day.  However, there’ve been times that the vacuum felt too big to endure.  During times like that, I looked at the doll and got comfort that felt like I was with him. This helped me get through days, especially gloomy ones.  After we got married, this rabbit took a place with other dolls in a corner of our house.  I don’t have to bring it with me when I travel anymore because my husband is always with me.

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