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Project: 10 Year #23


Project: 10 Year



One activity we like to do is walk at night.  When he was in Korea, we had to walk to the bus terminal at night so I could catch the last bus to Seoul.  I still remember we had a really nice time holding hands and talking to each other.  We quickly noticed that we both liked night time more than daytime. Naturally, we went out at night most of the time like vampires.

It was a night close to my departure to Korea.  We decided to go for a walk along the flight line.  He was waiting for me to get ready playing with his Rubik’s cube with a scarf on that I made for him as a Christmas gift.  I remember that I took a picture of us and the low streetlights made my face look like an old lady’s.  We laughed a lot.

We became early birds since we got married.  It became a little hard to walk at night because we were so tired around 8 – 9pm.  Still, we try to walk on Saturdays, which is a benefit for Sunday’s snooze.

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