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Project: 10 Year #25


Project: 10 Year



My husband and I are big dog people.  We both grew up with dogs and still love them so much.  My husband is literally a big dog lover.  His favorite dogs are boxers; he grew up with them from a young age.

This is Achilles.  He was my parent in law’s family for a very short period.  We were lucky to visit them when he was around.  We went to a beach with him running around and playing with him.  We even tried to bury him up to his neck in sand.  Surprisingly, he wasn’t moving or resisting it.  We put him under the sand and made him broke out of it.

He was very playful.  That was too much to handle for my parent in laws.  They found a good family for him.  I hope he is having a lovely life.


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