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Project: 10 Year



The first time I ever had American-Chinese food was at my parent in laws’ house.  I was very excited to see the rice containers which is the trademark of American Chinese food that I saw in a lot of my favorite American shows.

When I started living with my sister in New Jersey, it became our go-to food when we didn’t want to cook or didn’t know what to eat.  In the U.S., Korean food is not on the delivery list that I know of, and the closest food we could have was Chinese.  I’ve never thought I’d crave for it but sometimes I do very strongly.  When I think back, it was kind of my comfort food in the U.S and probably the reason for my craving.

I wonder if the Chinese food from China is similar to American Chinese food.  Korean food in the states,  it certainly a bit westernized here and there, mostly a little sweeter and less spicy, but overall it’s the same.  One day I’d like to go to China and have some delicious food!

God… I want some Mongolian beef and Lo mein!

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