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Project: 10 Year #26


Project: 10 Year



This is Boots, attacking me with her kisses.  She was the third boxer my husband’s family had.  Every time we visited my in-laws, she liked to hang out in our room.  I think she liked my husband and followed his lead pretty well even though he wasn’t around most of the time.  One night she was sleeping under our bed and started dreaming.  Boxers have so much skin on their lips.  It was funny watching her moving around her mouth a lot.  I always wonder what dogs dream about.

One afternoon, when my husband and I were the only people in the house,  my father in law called us to check on some beef that he was thawing in the kitchen for dinner.  My husband couldn’t find it in the kitchen.  He looked around then saw an empty plastic container next to Boots.  Her stomach was so big she had to go to sleep.  She liked to eat very much and didn’t even care if she was drinking sea water or hot sauce.

One evening, my father in law asked us to bring her to the vet because she seemed to have some pain in her legs.  It wasn’t a big deal but it was a sign of her aging.  A couple of years ago, we heard that she was suffering from massive pain and that they had to let her go.  I didn’t have much time with her but I was sad.  It still feels weird when I visit my parent-in-laws and see no sign of her.

I’m sure she is at peace though.

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