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Project: 10 Year



It was around my mother in law’s birthday.  My father in law bought some beautiful flowers for her.  He also gave me these colorful roses too.  I put them in the corner of our room and watched them bloom.

I love flowers.  I often buy them for myself. For some reasons having flowers in your house, room, or anywhere make the place much brighter.

I remember someone once said that she thinks buying flowers is useless gift and waste of the money.  I’d think at that time, what a dry minded person she was.  I still disagree with what the person said to me.  If you skip one cup of coffee, you could have some beautiful flowers for a week to enjoy.

I recently bought a small bouquet of white gypsophila, pink carnation, and yellow daisy and lily.

When was the last time you bought some flowers for someone or for yourself?

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