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Project: 10 Year



At the top of Mt.Fuji, after we watched the sunrise we ate this delicious ramen. I barely remember the taste, to be honest. I remember, however, that I felt it was the perfect ramen.

Even though we went there during summer, the summit was pretty chilly. Also, we were so tired and hungry. The hot noodle soup melted our body and relaxed our tense muscles. Holding the bowl and drinking the soup made fog on my glasses. That haziness is my memory of the time in the restaurant.

Japan also has many mountains that can be reached easily like Korea. We bought a book of hiking courses that we can go by trains. We’ve climbed few mountains and one of them also had a restaurant at the top. We did not want to have heavy stomachs while hiking, so we did not eat anything. But it was very tempting because we knew from the hard-learned experience of Mt.Fuji that the ramen would be amazing.

I could go for a nice hot bowl of ramen right now!

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