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Brunch at Serendipity

If you are a fan of romantic comedy movies, you probably watched and liked the movie ‘Serendipity’. It’s one of my favorite romantic movies I put on my Christmas movie watch list. In this movie, the two main characters have their first date at the restaurant called ‘Serendipity’ in NYC. During my school years in the city, this restaurant was one of the places I wanted to go but didn’t have a chance.

After I graduated from school, time passed quickly and I was about to leave the country. It also meant that I’d be apart from my sister. We tried to hang out together often around that time. She heard that I’ve never gone to the restaurant, and decided to bring me there.

brunch_sm copy

We had a delicious brunch; an omelet and ravioli. In the pictures I took in the restaurant, we were laughing so much. I laugh hard all the time with her. After we finished our meal, we had to have the famous dessert.

Ravioli_sm copy

Frozen hot chocolate. In the movie, the couple also drank this rich and creamy hot chocolate. The girl says to the guy while they are having it that she likes the word ‘serendipity’ because it has a nice sound and meaning, which is ‘fortunate accident’.

I think having my sister is one of the few fortunate accidents in my life. While I was drawing these and looking at our happy faces, I missed my sister so much. I hope I can visit her soon and have this delicious hot chocolate with her again.

Chocolate frost_sm copy

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