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Project: 10 Year #30


Project: 10 Year



When I was about ten years old, I often went to my friend’s house who had a video game console we played for hours.  I’ve never gotten serious equipment for games.  Games have a bad reputation in Korea.  Most parents make sure their kids don’t play games.  After I got older and moved away from my friend, I lost interest in games until I met my husband.  He is the biggest fan of video games I’ve ever met.  He doesn’t only play but also knows a lot of aspects of games such as the industry, game design, history and etc.  Since I stopped paying attention to games for a long time, I was so surprised by how much the technology had advanced.  Also, I got admiration for the art of them.  I started playing a couple of games with him, and now I got some favorite games that I play from time to time.  So far, my favorite game is ‘The Last of Us’ which I played so many times I can’t even count.

Do you have a favorite game?

Also, is anybody still using mp3 players?

The right picture was the Christmas gift from my husband in 2009.  My (so far) last mp3 player.  Having one device for almost everything is convenient but sometimes I miss the time I could listen to songs without getting silly notifications.  I might start using it again.


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