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Project: 10 Year #34


Project: 10 Year



It was late January.  I was back in the U.S.  The new semester just started and I was getting busy.  My husband told me that he had a business trip to Hawaii.  When he arrived in Hawaii, he did his work and got some days off to enjoy the island.  He asked me if I wanted to join him.  I got surprised by his sudden suggestion.  But I really wanted to go so I told my teachers and got generous understandings.  I flew to the island shortly after and met my husband.  I landed around sunset.  The sunlight reflecting on the vast airport ground was so shiny and beautiful.  My husband said he wasn’t thinking about inviting me over.  But the island was so beautiful, he wanted to enjoy it with me.  It was the most surprising event I got from my husband.  He bought a hat there for the extreme sunlight.  I posed with that hat and I looked like a witch, but a very happy one.

I remember when I was checking in at the airport to fly to Hawaii.  The lady at the checking account said she was jealous of me.  I hope she got a nice vacation shortly after.

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