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Project: 10 Year #39


Project: 10 Year



I used to be a tomboy.  From elementary school until early high school, my hair was always short.  Even after I started growing my hair longer, I had to cut it short from time to time.  When I first met my husband I could tie my hair in a very short ponytail.  I don’t know why I decided to grow it so long, but I didn’t cut it for about two years.

My hair got so long that it was pretty heavy for me.  I wanted to cut it.  Then I remembered I saw something about donating hair somewhere.  I found an organization in Korea that collecting donated hair and make wigs for pediatric cancer patients.  I asked my husband to cut my hair and sent to the organization.  It was my first hair donation and since then I’ve been regularly donating.

In Korea, this bible quote is very popular.  Most people know about it even if they are not Christians.

‘Do not let your right hand know what your left hand does.’

I agree with this quote most of the time.  But I talk about hair donation fairly often to others.  Many people don’t know they can help kids with their hair.  I think it should be a very common thing.  Many of us, especially girls, grow hair out and cut it so many times throughout the lifetime.  If we always consider donating the wasted hair, we could help so many kids who need them.

After cut my hair, my husband posed with it like pigtails.  We went out to drive later that day.  I felt so light.  My lifted mood made me enjoy the driving even more.

I went to a hair salon in Korea shortly after.  The hair designer was surprised how well he cut my hair.

I’m growing my hair for my 4th donation.  I think maybe late this year or early next year I can cut it again.  I’m very much looking forward to donating my hair and having short hair again.

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