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Every time we visit Virginia, we always go to Busch Gardens.  I love drinking beer and walking around the park.  I’m scared of roller coasters but love to ride them.  It takes me some time to get used to the feeling again but once I do, the fear becomes joy.

I always liked to go to an amusement park when I was young.  It was too expensive for me as a kid, and my parents weren’t very interested in going there so I couldn’t go often.  One of the kids I was jealous of had an annual membership of the park.  When I have kids I think I’ll always bring them to the park.

In Korea, there is a giant wooden roller coaster in Everland park.  It drops 12 times and the ride is over 3 minutes!  The first time I rode it, my friend almost cried and I thought it’d never stop.  My husband is a big fan of roller coasters, but he hasn’t ridden it yet.  I really want to bring him there soon.

If you like to ride a roller coaster and chance to visit Korea, you should check it out.

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