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Project: 10 Year #43


Project: 10 Year



One day, I took care of some stuff and came up to the room in his home in Japan.  Then I saw him in his underwear and wearing the hat he bought in Hawaii, playing a game.  He has very weird yet funny ideas that make me laugh.

I sometimes find him in front of a pizza box holding a slice like Buddha.   Other times he simply hid and I had to find him.  I started to hide from him too.  But the problem is, I can’t compose my self in that situation and I burst out laughing at my husband’s search.  I’m the worst hide and seek player.

After a playful day, it usually ended with driving around.  We used to find random spots to stop and look around.  Everything was so blue up on the observation spot we found.  We were the only people, and just a few cars were passing by.  It was very relaxing.

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