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Project: 10 Year #46


Project: 10 Year



Every time we go to a movie theater, I have to take a picture with big posters.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the movie we are going to watch or not.  I also like to take a picture at any photo spots.  I try to resist taking pictures at photo stands with the face opening; it’s too silly but most of the time I do.

I don’t remember what movie we watched this day, probably something scary.  We are huge fans of ghost movies.  After the movie, we’d go to a small Korean restaurant close to my parents in law’s house.   This one was owned by a Japanese lady, funny enough, but cooked by Korean ladies.  I liked their food even though the restaurant itself wasn’t very fancy.  It was one of the places we looked forward to going when we visited Virginia.

The last time we went to see my in-laws, however, we heard that they were closed down.  There is another Korean restaurant that we like the most but it’s always sad to know something is gone that has some good memories.

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