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Project: 10 Year #50


Project: 10 Year



Here is another picture of me with a movie photo stand.  Even though it wasn’t the movie we were going to watch, I was so happy to take a picture.  Going to a movie theater was my regular activity when I was in Korea.  Korea has a lot of movie theaters and movies have may play times.  I noticed in Japan there are not so many play times and it’s a bit frustrating for me to choose the time from such a small selection.  Also when they play foreign animation, they do voice overs most of the time.  Some movie theaters play with no voice overs, but I found it wasn’t very common.  So, every time a new animation comes out, I can’t watch it in the theater.  But tomorrow, I have a movie date with my husband.  We’re watching Dead Pool 2.  One of our favorite Marvel series.  I’m so excited!

When I was living in New Jersey, I took Amtrak to Virginia many times.  I got on the train around 2 a.m. and slept the whole trip.  I sometimes caught the sunrise from my window.  I also saw the sunset when I went back to NJ.  The sunrise made me happy I would see my husband soon, and the sunset made me sad I wouldn’t see him for awhile.

Planes provide faster travel, but trains also has their own romance.

My longest train ride in the states was from New York to Chicago.  How far have you gone by train?

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  1. Took the train from Montreal (Canada) to California (USA), It’s even longer by car, but that’s another story. :)

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