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Project: 10 Year



There were two times I visited the emergency room.  The first time was when I was in high school.  After my school festival, I was helping one of the teachers clean up the posters on the wall.  When I removed one poster from the wall, it rolled from the wall and hit my eye.  I had to visit the hospital for weeks, but thankfully my eye is back to normal.

The second time I visited the emergency room was in early 2012.  I was visiting my in-laws and my husband.  My throat was a bit sore.  The pain got bad quickly, and I couldn’t drink water.  Because of that, I became weak and dehydrated.  My husband took me to the hospital and I took two full IVs and some medication.  It wasn’t anything serious but I was in enough pain that it made me think about my health.  It’s always like this; you don’t notice something good before it goes bad.  Also it’s easy to forget once it’s back.

It was very nice to enjoy the scenery after I got better.  Everything looked better and I even spotted a rainbow.

I don’t drink soda much, but after my doctor discharged me I asked him if I could drink soda.  I think I wanted to have something sharp that could scratch my throat.   The doctor was very nice too.  He had cool dreadlocks.   It’s almost impossible to see a doctor with hair like that in Korea.  I like this kind of freedom in the U.S.

Stay health everyone!

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