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Project: 10 Year #53


Project: 10 Year



One day, my husband decided to put a fishing chair on his head.  It made him look like  some kind of alien.  I think he does this kind silly stuff more because of my reaction.  I laughed so hard and took a bunch of pictures for our memory and my work material.

My husband loves pizza. When we went to pick up a pizza, he always had to have a slice before we drove back.  In Japan, the price of pizza is extremely high.  One large pizza (also smaller than in the U.S) is about $30.  When we visited the U.S. last year, we ordered pizza and some bread sticks and had surprising realization how cheap the pizza was.

I also remember when I was living with my sister in NJ, we used to order veggie pizzas from Papa John’s.  It was our favorite pizza back then.

What kind of pizza do you like the most?

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