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Project: 10 Year #54


Project: 10 Year



On my birthday, my husband asked me what I wanted to do or have.  I asked him to drive.  We drove to West Virginia.  I remember it was a cloudy day, but in my memory everything remains bright.  It’s interesting how memory works.  It’s never exactly what you saw.  We add our feelings, experiences, and other mixed emotions on it.  It becomes a dream.

When you hear dream-like memories, they sound beautiful.  But there are also  nightmares.  Sometimes it feels like I’m adding insidious aspects in some of those nightmares.

I definitely try to focus on the beautiful ones like this one.  I was so happy listening to my favorite 90’s music and sing loudly.  The spring breeze coming from the sunroof was nice.  I was busy singing and looking around.  My husband was smiling at my silly singing voice.  It was such a wonderful birthday.

I hope everyone have more beautiful dream-like memories than the nightmarish ones!

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