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Project: 10 Year



After we got married I started to cook most of the Korean food that I crave.  One thing I don’t cook at home was Korean barbeque.  Cleaning many dishes is one thing but the smell trapped in the house is a bit too much.

Here is me cooking the barbeque at one of our favorite Korean restaurants in Virginia, that is now closed.  This restaurant wasn’t specialized for barbequing so the experience was a bit odd, it was too quiet, but it satisfied my craving.  In Korea, barbeque places are usually very crowded and lively. So much smoke in the air.  A lot of talking and drinking is happening.  I miss that atmosphere sometimes.

After a good meal, we took a longer route to go back home.  The sunset over the river was beautiful.

Have you had a Korean barbeque?  Thinking about it makes me want to have some!

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