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Project: 10 Year #61


Project: 10 Year



He started working in Afghanistan after he got out of the military.  It was the most intense long distance relationship ever.  The phone calls weren’t something we could have regularly.  And if I heard any news about the place, I got really worried.

During that time, he visited me in New Jersey.  I had to leave the country soon, so he came to help me move my stuff.  Because he was too tired from work and the flight, we stayed in most of the time.  But there was one place we needed to visit; Nintendo World.

I had to take a bus to go into the city.  Waiting for the bus with him instead of alone was nice and surreal.  The pointy-eared apartment was my building.

At Nintendo World, we tried some games and bought some goods.  He is holding a mug we bought.  It was a fun day.

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