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Project: 10 Year #64


Project: 10 Year



Every time I go to a Korean restaurant, there are a few dishes that I choose from. One of them is Jjamppong(짬뽕), spicy seafood noodles. I like soup, spiciness, and noddles. This is the perfect combination for me. I remember my husband asked me once what’s up with my obsession over the soups. I really don’t know but many Korean’s can’t have a meal without soup so I might be one of those Koreans.

I was so happy when I was about to eat the noodles from my favorite Korean restaurant in Virginia. The lady recognized me even though I haven’t been there for over a year. And she even knew what I was going to order. It was very nice to know someone remembers and cares about the customer.

Sometimes you get to know yourself from others. My husband told me that I like the sky when something is in it. Then I realized that I take a lot of pictures and videos when I spot planes, birds, or even power cords in the sky.

Somehow the human’s dream of flying might be causing my unconscious interest?

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