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Project: 10 Year #65


Project: 10 Year



When he came to visit me in New Jersey, he had a long beard. If I’m around when he needs to shave his beard or hair, he usually lets me do the honors. It was so satisfying to cut his beard with scissors. Afterward, he shaved everything nicely.

My place in New Jersey wasn’t that convenient. I had to take a bus everywhere. Many times I walked instead. One day, he wanted to have some drinks, but the closest liquor store was about 40min walk away, and there were no good bus routes.

We decided to walk. It was quite the dedication for a bottle of whiskey, but I enjoyed it a lot. We left home at sunset. The temperature was cooling down and the streets started to light up here and there.

After our journey, we had so much fun with what we went out for.

Would you walk 40min to get a bottle of whiskey?

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