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Can you sleep well at night even though you took a nap? I can’t. But my husband is really good at going to sleep. Of course he has hard times from time to time but usually, he falls asleep before me.

I mentioned before that I don’t like to take naps because it’ll affect my sleep at night for sure. I asked him how he can go to sleep so well. He said he tries to think about good stuff and how comfortable he is on the bed. I’m trying to do that but still, it’s a bit difficult.

There are a couple of things that help me though. One is exercising, and the other is taking a bath. I knew taking a bath helps you go to sleep better, but I didn’t know why until recently. When you raise your body temperature in the bath, your body tries to cool itself down. Our core temperature drops and it makes you sleepy. The cooler temperature is better for sleeping apparently.

There is a really good podcast about sleep. I highly recommend it!

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