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Project: 10 Year



In the U.S. the gas stations are self-service in the most states.  But in New Jersey, they have a person do it for you like in Korea and Japan.  On the road in the U.S., if you need some food or need to use the bathroom, you go to a gas station.  In Korea, we go to a service station and the gas station is a section of the place.  Some people visit certain service stations only for food.  Often they sell the local snacks and goods.

When my husband lived in Korea, he had to drive to Busan. He entered a service station for gas. As soon as he entered, he heard a very loud greeting from the air. He couldn’t find a person who said it. Then he saw a lady far away, bowing and greeting with a headset. He said he was so confused before he saw her. I laughed so hard.

When I visited a gas station in the middle of the U.S., I saw a snack called ‘pork rinds’.  My favorite meat is pork.  So automatically my eyes were fixed on ‘pork’.  I didn’t know what rinds meant then.  I asked him what kind of snack it was and he told me it was fried pork skin.  I gasped and snatched it from the rack immediately.  Since then, it became my favorite snack.  Pork skin is a big deal in Korea.  It’s a very popular food for drinking soju and I love it.

What kind of snacks do you like to have on the road?  Do you like pork rinds?  Have you had grilled pork skin before?




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